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Overseas Federation of Teachers

Overseas Federation of Teachers, AFT, AFL-CIO

The Overseas Federation of Teachers (OFT) was founded in 1963 to represent the professional, economic and social interests of teachers employed in the Department of Defense schools. The OFT now represents teachers working in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Bahrain, and Italy.


The American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, is the parent organization of the OFT.


Wall Street deals costing schools, municipalities billions

Following a new report detailing how Wall Street sold toxic deals to school districts and municipalities that are costing communities billions in fees, interest and other payments, educators, parents, community members and local officials have joined together for a Day of Action in cities across the country.


AFT and other groups release new accountability framework

A broad-based group of organizations has released "A New Social Compact for American Education"—a groundbreaking rethinking of accountability that replaces the current paradigm of "test and punish" with a focus on what is needed to support and improve teaching and learning.